Pink Sky Career Counseling

Do you ever wake up and wonder: “Whose life is this anyway?”  Most of us have hopes and dreams about living and working in richer, fuller, and more satisfying ways. We just don’t know where to begin.
Carrie Pinsky, Pink Sky Career Counseling

Perhaps you have had a rewarding career, but you are ready for a change. You may have fell into your current work and have always wondered what other options you might explore. Maybe you are recovering from a lay-off and in need of job search support. You could be a recent graduate eager to start your career or a stay at home parent ready to get back to work. I am here to help.

I specialize in holistic career counseling. Effective career counseling cannot ignore the challenges or issues we face in our personal lives. Career decisions can be overwhelming so I break the process down into manageable steps and provide the strategic and emotional support you need in order to be successful. My passion and purpose is helping others create sustainable ways of living and working that make sense and feel good. Whatever you envision for your next chapter, I can guide you along the path to creating your very own beautiful life.

I offer free initial consultations so you can learn more about my affordable, accessible career counseling services.